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Begin BabyPlus® any time between 18-32 weeks of pregnancy for just one hour a day. BabyPlus® provides age-appropriate auditory sounds designed to spark cognitive development and a unique bonding experience  between mom and baby during pregnancy. Our sounds are developmentally 'relative' to the natural prenatal environment and introduce simple patterns to the prenatal child in the only language he/she understands – the maternal heartbeat. As a baby compares the simple rhythmic sounds of BabyPlus® from those of their mother, learning and enrichment begin. Find out why 97% of BabyPlus® parents would use BabyPlus ®again or recommend us to a friend!

BabyPlus® parents report BabyPlus® babies at birth and infancy:
nullMore readily nurse

nullDisplay an increased ability to self-soothe

nullBabyPlus® babies cry less

nullAre more interactive & responsive

nullAre more relaxed and alert at birth

And later in life demonstrate:
nullEarlier developmental milestones-Enhanced intellectual abilities

nullLonger attention spans

nullGreater creativity & independency

nullImproved school readiness

BabyPlus® Prenatal Education System Plays Heartbeat Music in The Womb to Promote Bonding, and a Smart, Healthy Baby - Mom's Choice Award Winner 2017


Celebrity moms using BabyPlus® Prenatal Education System

Shannon Miller, American gymnast who was her country's most-decorated gymnast, having won seven Olympic medals and nine world championship titles.


Niki Taylor, American supermodel.

niki taylor-01.jpg

Fan Weiqi, is a Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter, TV presenter, record producer, actress, author and philanthropist. 


Photo credit: Fanfan's husband Blackie weibo

Huo Siyan, Chinese actress.


Photo credit: Huo Siyan's husband Du Jiang weibo

Ying Caier,Taiwan-born Hong Kong actress.


Photo credit: Ying Caier weibo

Selebriti-selebriti yang guna BabyPlus®

Revalina S Temat-01.jpg

Revalina S Temat, pelakon

Chealsea Olivia.jpeg-01.jpg

Chealsea Olivia, pelakon dan penyanyi


Sarwendah, pelakon dan penyayi

ana riana-01.jpg

Ana Riana, artist dan model

Gisella Anastasia-01-01.jpg

Gisella Anatasia, penyanyi


Putri Titian, artist

BabyPlus-Malaysia.com is USA BabyPlus Authorised Distributor in Malaysia

We guarantee authenticity in our BabyPlus products – or 100% of your money back. 

You are welcome to contact BabyPlus at [email protected] to check our product authenticity.

BabyPlus® Prenatal Education System® We Are So Honored

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