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It is our commitment to make sure you are getting the best possible product available for your baby.

In a world of “knock-off” products and counterfeits, baby and maternity products are no exception to the rule and almost every single popular product on the market has been copied by counterfeit and gray market sellers using fake labels and often substandard manufacturing practices.

As of September 2020, we’ve made important changes to our proprietary BabyPlus ®player to combat counterfeiting and ensure the authenticity of our product. Conveniently located inside your player’s battery compartment is a unique Product Registration Number

There are important benefits of registering your player upon purchase.
By registering, you’ll  ensure:

fav.pngThe BabyPlus product you are using is manufactured with 100% sound safety in mind

fav.pngThe highest quality BabyPlus manufacturing practices and materials have been used

fav.pngYou will receive a longer warranty of 12 full months on your player toward replacement or exchange

Please click on the button below to complete your registration and you will receive an email confirming that your product registration is successful:

>>> product registration-01.jpg 

Or click here: https://babyplus.com/product-registration-all/


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